HST Calibration Reference Data System (CRDS)


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Context History (more)

Start Date Context Status Description
2017-06-19 hst_0537.pmap operational A new set of STIS reference files is being delivered to improve the pointing accuracy of spectroscopic data in the spatial direction
2017-06-19 hst_0536.pmap archived New weekly biases and darks were created for the new anneal month and need to be delivered for GO observations files are available for STIS CCD observations taken after 10 May 2017
2017-06-15 hst_0535.pmap archived Initial delivery of COS DGEOFILE, WCPTAB, XWLKFILE, and YWLKFILE to support changes to CALCOS, and new PROFTAB, TRACETAB, TWOZXTAB, and WCPTAB references to support LP 4 updates.
2017-06-15 hst_0534.pmap archived Delivery of updated WFC3 biases, flashfiles, and an image photometry table affecting all WFC3/UVIS data.