HST Calibration Reference Data System (CRDS)


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Start Date Context Status Description
2017-09-22 hst_0559.pmap operational Delivery of new XTRACTAB, PROFTAB, TRACETAB, TWOZXTAB, FLATFILEs, and FLUXTAB. These are derived from spectra obtained of standard stars at LP4 and support calibration of subsequent COS FUV spectra obtained at LP4. Delivered by Will Fischer for COS.
2017-09-22 hst_0558.pmap archived The reason is that the ACS team has sent in new darks and CTE-corrected darks.
2017-09-18 hst_0555.pmap archived The current PCTETAB listed in the active jref context contains an incorrect value for the PCTERNOI keyword. The PCTERNOI keyword is used as an initial threshold criteria to determine the amplitude of the pixels signal above the readnoise of the detector. The current value of PCTERNOI is listed as 3.25, which is the readnoise of the WFC3 UVIS CCDs. The value has been changed to reflect the ACS WFC CCDs, which have an average readnoise of 4.3. This file is for the CTE correction of any ACS WFC data taken after March 1st, 2002.
2017-09-15 hst_0554.pmap archived These files are used in the dark current subtraction for WFC UVIS products from 19 August 2017 thru 13 September 2017.