HST Calibration Reference Data System (CRDS)


Operational References (under context hst_0551.pmap)





Context History (more)

Start Date Context Status Description
2017-08-10 hst_0551.pmap operational New weekly biases and darks were created for the new anneal month and need to be delivered for GO observations. These files are available for STIS CCD observations taken after 5 July 2017.
2017-08-10 hst_0550.pmap archived These files are used in the dark current subtraction for WFC UVIS products from 10 July 2017 thru 24 July 2017.
2017-08-07 hst_0549.pmap archived New ACS SNKCFILE rmap which limits the reference to only WFC data.
2017-08-04 hst_0548.pmap archived New ACS SNKCFILE rmap which only allows the reference to be used on WFC data.